Content Inventory

What did you hear the client say that they want the web site to accomplish? Describe the goal of the web site in one or two sentences. (Site Goals)
✓ Explain your products and services ✓ Bring in new clients to your business ✓ Provide your customers with information on a certain subject ✓ Deliver news or calendar of events ✓ Sell a product or products online

The goal of this site is to inform customers of Portland Historical Tours by explaining services offered, deliver news and events and sell products. The main goal is to inform customer of products and services provided.

Who is the intended audience? Who do you think will use the website? (Basic demographic information)
Portland Historical Tours target market is customers interested in seeing and learning more about Portland, OR. All visitors and residents of portland will use the site to better inform on Portland Histrical Tours.

What opportunity, problem, or issue did you hear that the client wants to address? (Deeper dive into the site goal)
The main goal for Portland Historical Tours is to provide times and infromation on tours they provide.

What does the client want the site visitors to do? (calls to action)
They want the site visitors to understand their products and services provided.

List at least two related or similar sites found on the web and why you think they are related. What did you like about the websites and what do you think you could improve on for the client's website? (competitive analysis)

I liked travelportland layout it was appealing to the eye. I would add a floating navigation bar as you scroll down the site it will appear.




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